More Renovations




Every winter the members of CBC look around and see what needs to be fixed and refreshed. As I was painting this week I began to think about our Christian walk and how it also needs some daily renovations. As I look around and I see that walls that need a new coat of paint or perhaps they might need to be repaired, I began to do what needs to be done to make God’s house always looking its best. But all in all it takes work, a lot of work but when it is done it is rewarding to step back and see what you have accomplished. The Spiritual twist to this is everyday there is something in our lives that needs our close attention so that we don’t bring a bad light on the name of Christ. But in order to make our life better according to the Lord it takes work. Today will you step back from your busy life and see how relationship with the Lord needs to be repaired. It could be something serious or minor but it still needs to be fixed. Will you fix your relationship with the Lord today?

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One comment on “More Renovations
  1. Pastor Wynn says:

    You all have done a GREAT job with your building. Keep up the great work!

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